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 The Last Panderling 2 is a free, short, cute, zelda-style action/adventure RPG.

It has co-op gameplay (2 players are not at all required though), cute pixel graphics, great music and a cool story, maybe. There was no Last Panderling 1, so you don't need to have played it to understand what's going on. Accompany Sadie, a Panderling Hero, on her quest to put the sacred relics back in their dungeons!

  A submission for Awful Summer Jam 2018!

  Controls (Keyboard)

  • Attack: Z
  • Interact: X
  • Dodge: C
  • Menu: ESC
  • Switch Characters: Shift

  Controls (Xbox-style Gamepad)

  • Attack: A button
  • Interact: X button
  • Dodge: B button
  • Menu: Y button

You can enable local co-op by connecting one or two USB gamepads, and holding down the Start button on the gamepad you want to use for player two. You can also hold down Enter to use the keyboard for player two while player one uses a gamepad.

  Our music and sound effects were created by Christopher Alex, Edward Baquet (contact), Madmedicinecat, Austin Peters and Slyonics. The cover art was also done by Madmedicinecat!

Background tiles (except curtain and Lenny's rock), plant monster sprite, and scorpion sprite were purchased from the Time Fantasy RPG Asset Bundle by finalbossblues.

Backgrounds for the Meadow Trail and Desert Trail maps were taken from the Glacial Mountains Parallax Background and Taiga Asset Pack by vnitti.

Portraits, character sprites, GUI elements, and all other particle and enemy sprites, were created by Alrunia.


The Last Panderling II.zip 27 MB


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