A downloadable game

A submission for Little Awful Jam 2017. Check out the rest of the games from that contest here


  • Z: Jump
  • Down + Z: Jump down through platforms
  • X: Shoo cats
  • C: Pick up / Throw
  • Up + C: Throw straight up
  • Down + C: Gently put down


Gently herd the cats to the exit by shooing them in the correct direction. Cats will move away from you when you shoo them. You can also pick up cats and throw them. Excessive application of cat-herding skills may stress out the poor little cats and make them panic. Panicking cats are hard to manage and spread panic to nearby cats. Time is limited, so hurry up before the game dumps a ton of dogs everywhere to scare away the kitty cats.

Install instructions

Make sure you install OpenAL, or else sound effects may not work! You can find an installer for OpenAL here.


PaniCATS SXSW Demo.zip 17 MB

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